Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tote Trays

We have calculated the volume of our desks and compared them with the volume of tote trays available:

Our current desks are: Width - 36cm, Length - 48cm, height - 12cm. Total volume 36 x 48 x 12= 20 736 cubic centimetres

Mike's Woodshop
Small: Width - 27cm, Length - 40cm, depth 7.5cm. Total volume 27 x 40 x 7.5 = 8 100 cubic centimetres. Cost - $5 - Too small

Large: Width - 27cm, Length 40cm, Depth 15cm. Total volume 16 200 cubic centimetres. Cost $6.50 - Good size
lc3 has small ones and they will not fit all our stuff. Mike's Woodshop ones fit 21 or 18 trays, which isn't much good for us. We probably need to be able to fit 32 trays.

We would definitely need the larger size. The trays are $6.50 each and we need

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