Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Other bench ideas

High leaners and low kneelers.  WE think now we should stick with Mike's Woodshop because the colours will match.  They have low rectangular kneelers (400mm - higher than our current kneeler by 40mm - or we could get more interesting shaped tables which would be 500mm (known as kindy sized tabels). 

More about Tote Trays

We have decided we definitely need the large ones.  Mike's Woodshop has trolleys that take 18 trays and ones that take 12 trays (large sized).  The 12 tray trolley is $240 and the 18 is $325 - the total is $565.  The trays are $6.50 each.  Total - $195 for 30.  Tote trolley and trays come to $760.

So altogether now we have spent about $3100.

Maybe Mike's Woodshop would make us a custom trolley for 30 or 32 trays.  We will email them to find out.

Next job - low kneeling tables / pods and chairs / sofas.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tote Trays

We have calculated the volume of our desks and compared them with the volume of tote trays available:

Our current desks are: Width - 36cm, Length - 48cm, height - 12cm. Total volume 36 x 48 x 12= 20 736 cubic centimetres

Mike's Woodshop
Small: Width - 27cm, Length - 40cm, depth 7.5cm. Total volume 27 x 40 x 7.5 = 8 100 cubic centimetres. Cost - $5 - Too small

Large: Width - 27cm, Length 40cm, Depth 15cm. Total volume 16 200 cubic centimetres. Cost $6.50 - Good size
lc3 has small ones and they will not fit all our stuff. Mike's Woodshop ones fit 21 or 18 trays, which isn't much good for us. We probably need to be able to fit 32 trays.

We would definitely need the larger size. The trays are $6.50 each and we need

Rainbow Chairs

We really like these chairs. They are colorful and funky. They are 400mm high. They are higher than our existing chairs but because we are looking at a 600mm high table we think they would fit well. They are stackable. They cost $44 each. We think we would need 20 which comes to $880. If we add that to the 4 desks, that equals $2460 (worked out by Camryn's fast brain). We think this is 1/2 our spending.

All up this would give us seating at tables and chairs for 20 people. Because we don't ever have everyone sitting at desks, even during tests, we think we should also have another low kneeling tables.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

computer iquads

We really like these desks. We figure they can fit six students comfortably and they have computer holes built in. They come in a wide range of colours. Sizes are 600mm or 800mm height. 2400mm long, width 50mm. Cost for 600mm $395, 800mm $515. We think 600mm is fine because we don't need to worry about the body of the desk. We think we would need four of these desks @ $395 per desk. This comes to $1580 (worked out in Saul's brain). BUT we also need another low table.

Total costs for four desks is 395 dollars

Criteria for our desks / tables

  • Appropriate for a classroom
  • Appropriate for learning - not distracting
  • Nothing to fiddle with / possibly break
  • Well built, strong
  • Fit many people
  • suitable colours
  • Made and available in New Zealand
  • Reliable source
  • Computer ports
  • Right size for our bodies

Another Desk

omega desk